When a visitor lands on your website, the visitor sees what you’ve got such as written content, images, and videos. How well these elements are arranged can make all the difference in how a prospect perceives your brand.

Therefore, this blog discusses 3 important reasons for having a great web design. That said, if you’re looking for a web design company to help develop your dream website, keep in mind that experts here at CLR Solutions can help you.

Contact us online or speak with one of our creative designers to see what we can do for you. Without further ado, let’s see the benefits of a good web design.

Sets the Last Impression

Despite the old and popular saying that advises otherwise, people judge books by their covers. The same goes for the website designs.

If what your audience sees when they first visit your site is unappealing, they might conclude that your product or service offering (the book) is as poor as the design (cover). 

If your website is hard to navigate, visitors will have a strong reason to click away from your website to a competitor’s site. But a good web design will make visitors stay for a long time on your site. This will help create a long-lasting good impression of your business.

Prospects perceive your business as a credible and an established brand, and they would more likely want to do business with you. 

Helps With SEO

The most important aspect of web design is the part many people don’t see, namely design codes. The absence of well-laid-out codes affects your site load time and other elements that are search engine ranking factors. With the right web codes, your site will load faster and stand the chance of getting “liked” by search engines.

Also, codes impact how search engine spiders crawl and index a website. So, you want to make sure your website codes are SEO-friendly so as to get indexed and ranked by Google and other search engines.

It helps in Brand Building

Elements and color consistency are crucial when you’re not just trying to create a business but a brand. A brand-grade website should have the same styles, fonts, and layouts on every page.

You can think of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as examples of good brands with consistent elements on their websites. This type of consistency is what you should aim for. Having incoherent elements makes your site look unprofessional and makes it difficult for your brand to be distinct because your audience won’t know what colors to associate with your brand.


Your audience can decide in a blink of an eye whether or not you’re worth doing business with. Your website may or may not rank on search engines. You may have a brand that people reckon with or one that people despise. All of these are dependent on your web design in some way.So we hope you’ll take your web design effort seriously. If you’re looking to design or redesign your website, contact CLR Solutions today. Regardless of where you are, we can help you with our web design services. Contact us for more information.

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