Released on March 9th, WordPress 5.7 brings advanced features and improvements to the WordPress user interface and the CMS as a whole. It comes with 127 bug fixes, 68 new features and enhancements and feature requests, and more. In this post, you’ll find out about some of the many new things WordPress “Esperanza” 5.7 brings to the table.

Enhanced Drag and Drop Editor

Now you can drag and drop blocks directly from the inserter panel to anywhere you want in your page editor or blog post. Just go to Add new block and drag the block of your choice into the editor.

Easy Migration From HTTP to HTTPS

You can easily migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPS. When you do so, WordPress automatically updates your database URLs. This means you don’t have to go through the hurdles of manually fixing any hard-coded HTTP URLs.

New Robots API

WordPress 5.7 features a new Robots API that lets developers control robots meta tag on a page. You can now configure certain pages to show bigger image previews on search engines. You can also customize the robot meta tag with custom filters.

Lazy-loading iframes

To decrease page load time and increase site speed, any image or object you add the new lazy-loading attribute to will not load until it appears in your visitor’s browser.

Enjoy this feature by simply adding to your iFrame tag: loading=“lazy”.

Improved Password Reset Email/Links

As an admin-level user, have you ever received any password reset request message from a user who lost their password? With the new WordPress Esperanza, simply navigate Users > All Users in your WordPress admin dashboard, hover over the affected user, and click the Send password reset quick link.

This is actually a lot better than having to manually edit the user’s profile as it was in the previous versions.

Final Words

The above are just some of the many new features WordPress 5.7 first major core release of the year offers. Apart from these features and enhancements, feel free to comment down below on other more improvement areas you’d like to see.

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