If you’re one of the website owners asking whether website content writing is necessary or if to invest in written content, then this blog is for you. For a quick and straight-to-the-point answer, YES, you need content writing for your website!

In this post, you’ll learn exactly what website content is, types of written content, and ultimately why you need content writing for your website. Without further ado, let’s get into the topic.

Demystifying Website Content

First, let’s see what web content means. Web content means the textual, aural, or visual content a user sees while navigating a website. Content formats include articles, blog posts, videos, and podcasts.

While developing any form of web content, writing is a key step that shouldn’t be overlooked, though many seem to downplay its importance.

For example, to create and deliver an outstanding podcast or a product video presentation, you’ll need and should have a form of notes or script to guide your way.

While there are many web content formats, let’s see some content that a website might have.

Essential Web Content 

Regardless of the type of your website, Homepage, About page, Product or Service Description pages, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Disclaimer Notice are essential areas you need content for.

These pages help communicate in your absence basic information about your business and your offerings to your audience. Think of these pages as a receptionist who attends to customers as they come into a business.

Blog Content

A blog form of content is posts or articles written and posted regularly on a page of your website. Blogs are usually created to educate, inform, and engage prospects and existing customers. Blogs are also an effective tool for marketing your product or service offerings.

The major difference between essential web content and blog posts is that the former is usually written one-time and remains static, while the latter are various articles written periodically around a topic, whether for educative or promotional purposes.

Promotional Content

Promotional content can be landing pages, single web pages for selling products or services, social media posts for driving website traffic from a social media platform, and email newsletters for email marketing.

Do I Need Content Writing? Make the Decision

After describing what website content means and its different forms, it’s easy to figure out why it is important to have content on your website.

For example, your website is going to look like an empty room if it’s lacking essential forms of content.

You may be missing out big time if you don’t have a blog to engage, entertain, inform, or even promote your product or service.

And to make the most of social media platforms and email marketing system, you need content that stands out!

Need help with your content strategy, creation, or writing? You have CLRSolutions as your trusted companion. Let’s put our years of experience and industry knowledge into work for you in creating great and profit-driving content for your website. If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out and ask!

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