Facebook is an extremely effective tool for any brand. It can act as a referral traffic source, a platform through which new visitors learn about your business, or simply as a medium to “hang out” with your fans or customers.

Growing your Facebook audience is vital whether you’re using the social media platform for lead generation or engaging with your audience. This will translate into better brand awareness and mean more business for your brand.

That being said, social media experts at CLRSolution provide you with 5 ways to improve or grow your presence on Facebook.

Be Consistent With Posting

Do not create a Facebook page and let it accumulate “dust” by not posting on it. Some experts recommend posting content thrice a week. Update your page with relevant images, written posts, and videos. Always link back to your website where necessary.

If you can’t manually keep up with a regular update schedule, make use of tools like BufferApp or HootSuite to schedule and automate your posts.

Ask for It!

Since your goal is to build a huge page following, of people interested in your business offerings, of course, be sure to ask your audience to like your page and share your content.

When a user likes your page, it shows on the user’s profile that they liked your business page. This can give friends going through their profiles the opportunity to learn about your business. More shares for your content also means more reach.


If you don’t only want to grow your Facebook presence but also make your Facebook community feel your presence, find time to interact with those who engage with your posts and content. 

Especially if you’re running ads, answer questions about your product or service. If you already have a lot on your plate, consider hiring a social media manager who can respond to your inbox messages and post comments.

Getting active with your community will boost your engagement rate and make your brand more visible to new and existing page fans and customers.

Use Facebook Ads

One of the best ways to quickly boost your Facebook presence is by running targeted ad campaigns. Facebook advertising puts you in front of many potential customers. and the best part of advertising with Facebook is being able to choose your objective.

You can run ads to send traffic to your website, get a particular post in front of more people and increase its engagement, or you can simply use it to increase your brand following. Any of these objectives will let more people know about your brand and allow you to grow your presence on the platform.

Look at the Numbers

Facebook Page Insights allows you to see how your posts and content are performing across Facebook. With the tool, you can see the age demographic of your audience, their interests, and the action they perform, such as clicking a Call to Action, and when they interact with your posts.

Looking at these metrics or numbers is important as they give insights into what’s and what’s not working so you can strategize when necessary.


Facebook is not only a great traffic driver but a platform to make your community feel your brand’s existence. Posting consistently, appropriately soliciting for content shares, responding to feedback and inquiries, advertising, and checking the numbers are all excellent ways to grow your Facebook business presence.

If you’re looking for a Facebook content strategy or want to advertise your product or service on the social media platform, get in touch with the experts at CLR Solutions for professional help.

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