If you have a brick-and-mortar store and want to expand online, you will need to create an e-commerce website. Having an e-commerce-type website is also required for those interested in selling online.

Thankfully, gone are the days when you need coding and web development knowledge to create a store online. Nowadays, the many drag-and-drop eCommerce website builders out there make things easier. With little to no previous know-how of web design, you can create a fully functional online store in no time to sell your products and services.

But to get your eCommerce business up and running, you may find it difficult to figure out or decide on which platform to use. Fortunately, this blog post briefly talks about two platforms – Shopify and Wix – for building online stores. Without further ado, let’s dive fully in.


Officially launched in 2006, Shopify is a complete and subscription-based e-commerce platform that lets you create, grow, and manage online stores. If you have been doing research about different types of e-commerce platforms, you likely have heard about Shopify. Assuming that is true, let’s briefly give you some key features of the Shopify platform.

  • Free 14-day trial to test out the service.
  • Documentation and video guides on how to navigate the platform.
  • A clean and user-friendly intuitive interface.
  • Zero tech worries. The 24/7 functional support team is available to help or assist you with technical problems.
  • Drag-and-drop eCommerce website builder
  • Secure and reliable. Every Shopify store comes with an SSL certificate.
  • Shopify stores are mobile responsive.
  • Fully customizable. There are tons of free and paid plugins to extend the functionality of your store. You also can choose from the many themes to change the appearance of your store.
  • Set up custom shipping rules for international shipping.
  • Supports dropshipping.
  • The basic plan starts from $29 a month.

Use Wix

Perhaps you’re one of the recipients of Wix’s unending YouTube adverts if you know what we mean! Just like Shopify, Wix is popular and was founded in 2006.

The platform has gradually evolved into one of the known online store builders. Below are some of Wix’s features.

  • No coding experience or technical expertise is required to get your store running.
  • A drag and drop site builder.
  • Secure. Every Wix store comes with an SSL certificate.
  • Supports dropshipping.
  • Stores are responsive on mobile devices.
  • Supports dropshipping.
  • Wix’s basic plan goes for $23 a month.

Final Words

You might wonder about the difference between the two platforms. Both are good, with each having its downsides and upsides. This makes it a challenge when deciding on which to use.

With the help of the experts at CLRSolutions, however, you don’t have to sweat a thing. Our web design agency in Birmingham can help you with different online store builders and consider to what degree each option meets your business requirements and needs. In the end, you will not only know which platform to use but have your online store designed.

Plus, our creative web design agency’s built-in marketing services assist you in increasing sales and expanding your brand. Get help today!

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