Many people spend hours on social media daily; hence, many startups, established brands, and even e-commerce stores are targeting social users nowadays. To get products and services in front of high-converting customers, many social advertising platforms and strategies are available more than before.

Talking about marketing strategies or methods, one of them is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. With that said, this blog prepared by the experts at CLRSolutions will help you understand the meaning of a PPC ad, its benefits, and how to augment the advertising method with SEO. Ready? Ok, let’s dive fully into the topic.

Pay Per Click & Social Media Advertising

Pay Per Click or PPC is a form of paid social media advertising strategy where you as the advertiser pay only when your ad is clicked. Cost per action (CPA) and Cost Per Thousand Impression (CPM) are other examples of paid social advertising strategies.

What’s good about CPC is it can create deeper engagement with a user. A click, for example, can translate into a high-ticket sale, which you would have paid higher for assuming you choose a different social ad strategy. Promoting products in certain niches often does well with the CPC advertising model.

With that being said, below are some of the advantages of pay-per-click social media advertising.

Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Cost-effective: You only pay when a user clicks through your ad to your landing page. This helps you determine how much to spend. So it can be a good value for money.
  • ●       Easy to Measure and Track: Irrespective of the social media platform you use for your PPC advertising, it’s generally easy to see how a PPC campaign is performing and the type of traffic and results the PPC ad drives for your budget.
  • Quick Entry: With little to no experience, you can enter the social media advertising space with PPC. This is not the same for advanced forms of social advertising such as SEO that can take months or even years to master and see results. This will lead us to the next point.

Boost Your PPC Efforts With SEO Marketing

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization refers to all the activities and processes required to get a web page on the search pages of Google and other search engines. Visitors coming from search engines are called organic or free traffic.

Boosting your SEO web page rankings, however, can be hard, especially for SEO beginners. Yet, it’s important to invest in SEO as you invest money in PPC advertising. Below are some reasons for that.

  • SEO is cost-effective: Though you might need to hire an expert to set up different parts of SEO for you, SEO is budget-friendly in the long run.
  • Sustainability: Let’s say you stopped investing in SEO, most of the results you’ve created would continue. The opposite is the case for PPC advertising. You stop seeing results the moment you stop paying.

Final Words

PPC marketing is a cheap and quick way to put your services or products in front of millions if not billions of potential customers on social media. As you use PPC to kick start your online marketing journey, don’t forget to start or up your SEO efforts now!

Within A Few Years, You’re Going to Find it Profitable.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sweat the details or worry about the big stuff when it comes to social media PPC and SEO marketing strategies. Here at CLRSolutions, the best social media marketing agency in Birmingham, we can help you to handle either Google or Facebook pay-per-click advertising systems.

We are also a Birmingham-based web design agency and have experience helping businesses rank their web pages on Google and other search engine websites. If you need help or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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