On March 9, 2021, WordPress presented us with WordPress 5.7. As one would expect, such an upgrade will come with advantages and disadvantages. So the question that begs an answer is, “should you upgrade to WordPress 5.7?”

In this post, we will attempt to answer this question by showing you the new additions to WordPress. Check them out below.

Editor Improvements

Regardless of the version, the aim of having WordPress is to write content and create pages. You do almost all of this in the WordPress Editor. Here are some of the improvements you’d see in the WordPress 5.7:

Drag/Drop Blocks From Inserter

The new WordPress allows you to drag/drop blocks from the inserter into the content area. Because of this feature, it is easier to decide on the location of a block first before dropping it on the canvas.

Full-Height Blocks

Full-height blocks come in handy for covers, group blocks, and columns. This is because they make it possible to create more attractive layouts. The new full-height blocks will now fill the height of the screen so that the layouts more engaging.

Descriptions For Block Variations

You can now see the descriptions for block variations on WordPress 5.7. You can see the descriptions using the preview option from the block inspector.

Other improvements in the Editor section include:

  • Adjustments to social icon sizes.
  • Vertical arrangements for the block editor buttons.
  • Adjustment of font sizes in more blocks.

HTTP To HTTPS Migration

Migration to HTTPS from HTTP has never been easier than in WordPress 5.7. In previous versions, you have to update your URLs manually. If you didn’t, there would be a problem of “mixed content.”

The upgrade shows you the HTTPS availability in the “site health menu.” By clicking on this button, you can update your URLs with ease.

Standardizing Of WP-Admin Color Palette

The new WordPress comes with a standardized WP-Admin color palette. This way, developers have access to more dark and light color schemes than ever before. 

Lazy Loading Iframes

Lazy Loading helps to improve the speed of a website while it loads. This technique informs the browser to load different items as they are viewed. While WordPress 5.5 already uses this technique for images, 5.7 will adopt it for all embeds using iFrames.


These and several other under the hood improvements make WordPress 5.7 reliable and worth using, yet the decision to upgrade or not is up to you. It will interest you to know that these updates are made based on users’ demands. Therefore, if there are any other features you would like to see from WordPress, do comment them below.

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