Ask any business owners if they have a blog-equipped website and you might get a NO response! With that said, this post discusses 5 reasons why every business owner should have a functional blog on their website. Without further ado, let’s get right into the topic.

Good for SEO Traffic

To increase the chances of your business getting found by the many people looking for stuff on search engines, you need a blog. As you post more blog content, you open doors to search engine traffic.

Many people are actively searching Google for products, services, and information that can help solve their problems. The more content you have on your blog, the more likely Google and other search engines will index your pages and recommend the pages to searchers.

Keep your Relevance and Audience informed

One answer to “why have a blog on your website” is content update and brand relevance. You can use your blog to keep readers up to date about topics in your industry.

Apart from writing about trends, use your blog posts to talk in depth about your offerings. Show them how to make the most of your products or services or keep them informed about new features on the way.

By keeping your audience informed and updated, your brand will remain relevant in the industry in the eyes of customers.

Get feedback from your customers

A standard website would often have a FAQ or similar section to give customers the information they need but usually lack a system of collecting feedback from those customers.

Getting comments and feedback is perhaps the biggest reason why your business needs a blog. In a blog’s comment section, you can encourage deep conversation with your customers to learn more about how your service or product is working for them.

The conversation might open your eyes to areas of improvement opportunities.

Help with Email marketing

Let’s say you write a two-part article that addresses a problem or pain point your customers or audience is experiencing. You could make one of the articles public on your blog and request readers to drop their email addresses via an opt-in form to get the final part.

With a strategy like this, many readers wouldn’t hesitate to fill out their contact email and other details you ask of them. Afterward, you can send them subsequent promotional emails.

Personal Branding

Even if you don’t have a business but know something about a topic, you can create a blog and use it as a platform to teach others what you know. Before you know it, provided that you follow best blog practices, you may be driving tons of traffic to your blog. It’s now up to you whether or not to monetize that traffics.


Whether as a business manager or subject-matter expert, there are several ways to benefit from a blog. This post has shown some of these ways. Be sure to take action.

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