Some years back, you needed strong website development and design skills to create a fully functional website yourself. But nowadays, things are a lot easier. Many drag and drop website builders that let you create websites in no time are available.

Different choices out there could make you wonder whether to hire a creative web design agency or just subscribe for a page builder, watch some instructional YouTube videos, and create your website fast.

If you’re unsure of the correct route to take, this post explains 5 reasons to let the pros complete your web design project. Ready? We’re set as well.

Fully Operational Website

Due to years of educational training and hands-on experience, professional web design professionals or agencies know how to design websites with all necessary elements and features, load fast, and function at all times.

In addition to design and development, many web agencies are full-service firms. This means they provide content writing, SEO services, networking, and other related add-on services that make a website operate fully.

Custom Design

Granted, many website builders like WordPress let you design high-quality websites. But it can still be challenging to get a dynamic design using these builders because many other websites are probably using the same template your site uses.

If you don’t want to use online templates but want your site to be different and attractive, a web development company can code you a different skin, template, or theme that will make your site stand out.

SEO Performance

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) means all the activities and processes to get a site indexed and ranked higher on search engines such as Google and Bing. 

Remember that SEO begins with good design, and a good website design is created with SEO in mind. Working with a competent web design agency means you’ll have a website with the correct codes such as CSS and JavaScript that will not negatively impact how your website is found and ranked in Search engines.

Saves Time

Are you aware that certain typefaces work better than others in varying industries? For example, the font you’ll use for a website with a female demographic would be different from that of an academic website.

Other elements that go into creating professional-looking websites you must also get right. These include the suitable color scheme, professional image design, just to mention a few.

Instead of wasting weeks or even months learning the basics and advanced web development practices, letting a web design company handle your project gives you time to focus on other essential things that matter.

Technical Support

After your website is up and running, there will be moments the website starts acting up. Problems could arise due to a virus or Trojan attack, malfunctioning plugins, or any other technical glitch.

Having an expert website design company by the side will ensure your website gets fixed on time and keeps running with little to no downtime. Honestly, you can even avoid tons of technical problems like codes and plugin errors if you let a pro design your website in the first place.


In this article, you see three reasons why it’s important to have a web design agency develop and design your website, even though there are many drag-and-drop builders out there. First, working with the pros helps you have a robust website, get better search engine rankings, save time, and access technical support.

If you’ve been looking online for a web design agency in Birmingham, or you’ve decided to let a pro have your site designed after reading this post, contact CLRSolutions to discuss your needs. We’ll be glad to develop and design a website that has everything that will move your online presence forward.

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