Hey, I am Christopher Ruffin, a mathematician and software engineer from Birmingham Alabama. I have a Bachelors degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Applied Mathematics, a Master’s degree from Florida Institute of Technology in Information Technology Management, and I’m ABD (All But Dissertation) with my doctorate degree at Walden University. I have been a web developer and software engineer since January 2012 and work with web development daily. I have a mind to solve problems and think critically and have taken on the task of applying that mindset to benefit business owners and their companies.

I couldn’t do what I do without God and my family who are a huge part of my life. My beautiful wife Ashley and our 4 sons (Micah, Christopher III, Malachi, & Carter) are super supportive and involved in the company; they keep me on my toes.

CLR Solutions is your one stop shop for your online business needs. We are located in Birmingham Alabama but are serving customers all over the country. I formed the company in 2017 with the purpose of providing high quality web solutions at reasonable rates without limiting the quality. It is our goal to try and help our clients become as knowledgeable about the online side of their business as they are about the other parts of their business. We want every customer to gain an understanding of the needs they have, the plan that it takes to fulfill that need, and how it benefits your bottom line. We want to create partnerships where we can continue to grow together and pave a new way for our companies to flourish.

Thanks to Gray Manor Creatives for the opportunity to sit down and discuss who we are and what we do. Please like, share, and subscribe to CLR Solutions’ YouTube channel.

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