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The Process for Developing Your Website

The process for building a website consists of 3 major components.

1. Purchase of the Domain

2. Purchase of the Web Hosting

3. Website Design / Website Development

Websites are crucial for small business owners, and there are plenty of costs that can accompany web design/development.

At CLR Solutions, we pride ourselves in educating our clients throughout the process, so they know exactly what they’re getting.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of building your online business presence.

Chris Ruffin

Owner, CLR Solutions


If web hosting is your website’s “house” your domain is your website’s “address.” Domains are posted on a Domain name system server, or DNS, which identifies a standard internet user into an IP address.  The highest-ranking domains are identified by: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz

Every CLR Solutions hosted website receives a free SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, which reaffirms to your customers that you value online safety as they shop with your online business.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is another buzz word that is often referred to when you hear about web development.  But what is it?

Think of the hosting as an actual computer. Your computer is where all of your files are stored.  The computer is made up of a myriad of files and documents: some you use, others are dormant, but they’re all housed on the same device. Now consider web hosting your digital computer.  It encompasses all of your website’s files: photos, videos, content and tags.

Web hosting companies, like CLR Solutions provide web hosting to its clients via hosting servers.  While most hosting services are shared, hosting with a company like ours means the shared resources are less likely to be depleted or overloaded.  Having plenty or resources means users don’t run the risk of overloading the servers with content, and making the site slower to access or unusable all together. 

Web Design vs Web Development: It’s not the same

Web Design

Web design is often used interchangeably with web development, but the two are actually quite different.

Web design only focuses on the look and feel of a website.  Web designers leverage the pre built backend frameworks that are developed by providers such as: WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, etc… Web templates, like the ones you see on sites like Wix and WordPress provide users the ability to add their content into the predefined locations to minimize the need for hands-on web design experience or the backend web development know how. 

Pre-built designs feature Custom html or CSS places the user into the front seat, making websites more user friendly and accessible to the masses.

Web Development

Web development is the overall creation of the website; from look and feel, custom functionality, and its tie ins to the database housing the data.

Every header, photo, column, paragraph, button click, database connection, and action are built just for you on the back end.

Backend web development includes all of the working parts you don’t see.  These parts are necessary to keep your business up to date and operating smoothly.  Web development is often much more expensive because each of the specific needs of the website are coded to specification which is much more time consuming than just focusing on the look and feel. 

Your Website Also Needs

Great SEO Rich Content

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a key factor with search engines when it comes to customers who are searching for the content that you provide. Just having content is not good enough because having the best written content that no one sees is pointless. CLR Solutions does this by following best practices and utilizing market research to determine the best approach for your business.

Key areas we are particularly mindful of are headlines and sub-heading, keywords that work for your industry and more specifically your local area, optimizing your images, making your content sharable, and ultimately making sure that your content is high quality.

Add A Call to Action: But Not Too Many

A “call to action” or CTA is a term used heavily in marketing. The focus of the CTA is to direct the customer to take a specific action and how to take that action. This is often easily depicted with directing the customer to contact you. How would you like to be contacted is the first question that needs to be answered. If you are a landscaping company who is always in the field then email may not be the best method of contact for you; calling may be best. If your company sells merchandise and you have a heavy social media presence then you may way to direct them to message you there.

The most important thing to keep in mind is your CTA should convince the customer to act and compell them to do so.


If you are in need of help getting your strategy figured out and executed for your business don’t stress just let us know and we will work to provide you a customized solution to meet your business need.

Don’t Forget About

Logo Design

We can create that eye catching logo to capture your audience. We have multiple packages to fit your needs.

Social Media Setup

Don’t forget to add your social media pages. If you don’t have them set up no worries we can help.

Google My Business

GMB or Google My Business is one of the key ways to be found both locally and otherwise.

Rep Management

Reputation Management is key in building your online presence because it is your online word of mouth.

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