Free Tools To Manage Your Business online

Do you run an online-based business? If yes, you’ll discover in this blog 5 free online tools to help your marketing efforts. But before getting into the topic, keep in mind that CLRSolutions can assist you with any of these marketing tools should you need professional help. Without further ado, let’s fully dive into the topic. 

Google My Business

Developed by Google, GoogleMyBusiness (GMB) helps you list your online business on Google products such as Google Maps and Google search. On it, you can put up and manage information about your business such as website address, business location, and hours of operation.

Particularly if you are running or managing a local business, Google My Business is perfect as it lets you have an online presence and generate more leads without worrying about SEO. Of course, GMB is free. 

Google Forms

Would you like to collect feedback, gather data, and take surveys to know ways to improve your service or product? If yes, then Google Forms is for you. 

Apart from learning about your existing customers, you can use Google forms to conduct market research. You get your audience to choose answers from multiple-choice questions, request them to provide short or long answers, and you can even do more with the free tool.


Does your business has a social media presence? Do you run a blog? Or do you engage in social media marketing? If yes, there would be instances when you need to create or touch up images. Without access to or technical expertise to handle professional tools like Photoshop, it can be darn hard to make the most of your online business.

With Canva, however, you can create different types of visual content such as posters, presentations, and social media graphics. The platform offers a simple and intuitive design interface that even an inexperienced graphic designer can work with with just a few tutorials. 


Especially if you’re a small business owner, you need to wear several hats. One of these hats is social media account management skills.

Logging into different social media profiles and posting content can be overwhelming and time-consuming. With Buffer, an internet-based app for managing social media content, you can publish your business content across multiple social media sites at once. Although Buffer has a premium option, the version would handle your basic social media management needs. 


Though it might seem like the pandemic is over, its effects are still here with us. To keep everyone safe, virtual calls are now the new norm. So there’s a need for platforms to let individuals and businesses schedule online meetings, quickly and efficiently would be nice!

Calendly lets prospects and customers schedule a meeting with you without passing through the old-school way of using email and phone tags. Through the app, just set when you are available to take calls, share the link with clients or customers and they get to choose the date and time that works for them from your availability preference.

With Calendly, you can schedule online meetings, appointments, calls, interviews, demo, and more. Of course, the tool is free and integrates with your email.


From managing your business profiles online to scheduling appointments with clients, many tools to manage your business are out there. Go ahead and check out any of the above-mentioned 5 tools and let us know what you think in the comments. For professional help, don’t hesitate to contact CLRSolutions today.

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