Just like on every other social media platform, your aim in running and managing a Twitter account should be to grow your presence on the microblogging site. To do that, you’ll need to nurture your existing audience and grow your following. For ways to do all these, this post provides 5 useful tips. Without further ado, let’s get right into the topic.

Post Relevant Content

There is always something trending on Twitter. From major topics to buzzwords, there’s a lot to follow on the microblogging platform. This, however, does not mean you should be posting for posting sake. Whether trending or not, endeavor to only share with your audience content that they are actually interested in. Relevant content could be products, services, tutorials, user-generated content, or even memes. It’s yours to figure that out.

Tip: If you’re unsure what to post, use Twitter Analytics to better understand your followers. 

Mix Your Content

Don’t limit your Tweets to written content. Including visuals such as high-quality images in your posts.

According to Twitter’s image content policy, don’t use boring stock images, let all your visuals be created on a template, so they have a consistent look, and use bold, eye-catching images. Following all these guidelines makes for a distinct presence on the platform as your Tweets stand out.

Consistency is Important

Twitter is a big platform, with many individuals, personal brands, and businesses making use of it. So you want to have and keep up with a frequent and consistent posting schedule

To keep your Tweets at or close to the top of the list maintain your relevance and maintain your Twitter presence, make sure to post consistently.

Consider creating a Twitter content calendar that tells you and reminds you of when to post your upcoming content. This document also helps in planning what to post and how to refresh your existing content.


Don’t just post on Twitter and sign out of the platform. Instead, take some time to interact with your audience. Remember the goal is to build a strong presence. Finding time to like and respond to Tweet replies will help you foster and grow audience connection, and ultimately help you boost your follower count and presence.

Consider Twitter Ads and Outside Twitter Promotions

You can consider Twitter follower campaigns to build a strong following and presence on Twitter. Follower campaigns allow you to run ads to a targeted audience and pay when someone follows your brand. Particularly if you’re just starting out, followers promotion could help you gain momentum, so consider it.

If you have a personal blog, business website, YouTube Channel, Facebook, or any other online presence, use such a platform to notify your audience about connecting with you on Twitter. Chances are if someone is using Facebook, reading blogs, or watching YouTube, they have a Twitter account too.


If you want to increase your Twitter followers and boost your presence on the microblogging platform, vary your Tweets by incorporating high-quality image Tweets. Let your content be relevant as well. Consistency in Tweet publishing and interaction with your community will boost your effort too. And for more fan following and reach, consider outside Twitter promotion options.

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