Even if you have a hefty advertising budget, you don’t want to use several media options at a time. When advertising your business, making effective selections from the many available media out there, such as TV networks, radio stations, newspapers, SEO marketing, social media ads, will help you get good returns on your advertising dollars.

Because what works for a service or product might not work for the other, it’s important to look out for pointers indicating what advertising media to choose. That said, this article looks into how to determine which advertising platform to use.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Start with platforms where your competitors are already advertising and getting great results. Don’t assume you are going to do better off elsewhere. Even when other businesses in your niche seem to have dominated an advertising platform, find a way to make your marketing message stand out.

If you run a local service business, for example, start with a morning newspaper or radio ad if that’s what your competitors are doing and is making them smile to the bank. In the future, however, you may look into other advertising options. 

Go Cheap but Maintain Quality

Instead of building an internal sales team, at least for now, could you consider passing out flyers in a busy city center? If yes, your advertising channel could be to hire a couple of people to do the work as the need arises. This option would be cheaper compared to maintaining an in-house team.

Rather than Google AdWords which can take a huge marketing budget, can you go with Facebook advertising which is most times cost-efficient? Especially if you’re just starting out as a new business, your goal should be to reduce your costs as much as you can.

Seek Expert Help

While modeling your competitors and choosing cheap but effective media vehicles are great suggestions, seeking the advice of a marketing agency can make all the difference, particularly if you’ll be advertising through online advertising media.

These pros often have years of experience with the ins and outs of various advertising platforms, so they can help with social media advertising platforms suggestions and can help you make the most of your advertising dollars.

If you need help with Facebook marketing or Google advertising, CLRSolutions can help you. Contact us today to see what our solutions look like and can meet your needs.

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