Two of the many key marketing terms you are going to encounter in your online sales journey are a sales funnel and a website. Assuming you already have a website or know what it means, this blog will consider the difference between a website and a sales funnel. Trust us, both are almost the same thing but with a very fine distinction. Without further anticipation, let’s fully get into the topic.

A Traditional Website: Why You Need it

While there are many reasons and benefits to having a website, two of them are bringing in traffic and providing information. With a website, it’s easy to build a robust Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since traditional websites contain many pages that increase the chances of getting the pages getting found on search engines.

Talking about information, a website serves as a platform where potential customers and customers can refer to About Us content, Services/Product descriptions, Privacy Policy, Blog posts, and other details about your business.

The Purpose of a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a system that allows business owners to get more conversions from their websites. Remember that you did not create a website just for creating sake. You want it to generate leads, traffic, and sales even when you’re sleeping.

A website is not the best option for achieving those objectives, at least most of the time. On a website, there is just tons of stuff for your visitors to see. Some stories, news, blog posts, tutorials, and more. That is too much and can be confusing!

Now if you don’t want to expose visitors to every page or detail on your site but keep them in a funnel (which often have a series of pages) so they can buy your product/service or sign up for your offer, then you should consider having a funnel.

Sometimes, a marketing funnel is a single web page or several interconnected pages that you use to get a prospect to buy something or fill in their contact details. This type of page (or pages) should have elements such as upsells, downsells, and special offers just to increase the amount of money you can earn from each individual.

And let’s say a prospect lands into your funnel but didn’t take up your offer, you can capture their email or phone number and market to them down the line.

Final Words

If you’re a business owner running stuff online, you should consider having both a functional website and a sales funnel. Use your website to warm up prospects or offer them and existing customers information about your brand and its offerings.

Then get more conversation out of your website with one or more sales funnels designed for each of your products or services. Make sure every funnel has necessary elements that will make most people that land in it do nothing but buy or sign up for your offer. 

CLRSolutions Funnels

Here at CLRSolutions, we help businesses and individuals create a fully functional sales funnel using Cartflows. From CLRSlutions, you a funnel system that includes a domain, hosting, WordPress site, Cartflows pro, and more at just $50 a month.

And if you wish, we can help you set up and design the funnel for $150. We also offer a support package at $150 a month. By including support in your package, you can be sure of a funnel that works 247 like clockwork.

For more information about our sales marketing funnel, contact CLRSolutions today.

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