We are excited to release our most significant update yet – WordPress 5.8 with new features and improvements!

1.  Dashboard Experience

WordPress 5.8 brings a refreshed design for the Dashboard that makes it easier to focus on your writing, making sure not much gets in the way of getting your work done. Get news updates directly on your Dashboard, keep better track of important announcements, and more efficiently manage notifications with our revamped Notifications panel. The Tools section has also been updated to make it faster, simpler, and clearer to do everyday tasks like updating plugins or editing comments. We hope you love this fresh look as much as we do!

Dashboard changes include:

  • Most visited posts
  • Notifications panel previews
  • Ability to hide the Dashboard section titles.
  • More control over how you filter, sort and view your notifications.
  • Introducing Nav Menus

Nav Menus are a new feature that lets you build, organize, and publish menu hierarchies for your site! You can now create custom navigation experiences with menus, submenus, widgets, and more. With complete control over markup output, you have more power than ever before to customize the design of your menus – this is not just limited to the theme you are using! Writing code maybe for some people but creating beautiful things doesn’t always require that. We’ve also created a new template tag that makes it easier for themes to implement automatically generated, dynamic menus.

2.  Introducing Custom CSS in the Customizer Preview

Custom CSS lets you customize the preview of your site with live styling changes while still seeing how they look on your actual website. This feature was one of our most requested! We’ve been testing it on WordPress 5.7 betas for a while now, and we’re finally excited to release this update today.

3.  New Drag & Drop Experience For Widgets

We are also introducing a brand new widget selector interface with some additional improvements like more visible drop target indicators, easier accessibility (tabbing between controls), and contextual guidance (for inserting Sidebar, First FrontPage, or Footer widgets). You can even reorder your widgets without having to drag them back up again afterward.

4.  A New Experience For Resizing Images in The Media Library

There’s a new way to insert and edit images you have uploaded to your site without having to leave the page by using a modal. You can resize, rotate or flip an image all from within this dialogue! The popover is also fully responsive, so it works just as well on mobile devices as on desktop. An improved design for link editing

Link previews will now show up next to their respective titles, which makes it easier to find the correct links and tell them apart at first glance. Drag & Drop support has been added to this feature, thanks to some improvements by our friends over at WordPress.com VIP. What more, we’ve revamped the way you go about entering URLs, so it’s easier to start typing them in.

5.  New Language Support for Google reCAPTCHA v2

Last but not least, we have updated the reCAPTCHA plugin bundled with WordPress core to use v2 of the API, which brings along some new goodies like improved site security and more. We are also introducing two new language translations: Japanese & Latin American Spanish.

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